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Six Reasons Why Forex LST System is Superior

Posted by The Best Product Review on Senin, 14 Maret 2016

Six Reasons Why Forex LST System is Superior
Vladimir Ribakov and his team have done it again. They have created and delivered another outstanding product for the forex market. This time it�s the Forex LST System, a hybrid alert robot. 
But leaving aside all the marketing hype... what really makes this such a superior product? Lets take an objective look at it:
It is based on a sound strategy: the occurrence of divergence in the market. 
Divergence is something that happens regularly in the market that announces a trend correction or even a trend change. It�s a warning sign. And a very reliable one.
It incorporates a candle pattern recognition software. 
This is an elaborate part of the whole robot that filters out the entries, allowing you to take advantage of the statistically better ones.

It gives you a price channel. 
A clear projection where price is likely to go that allows you to determine instantly if the entry you are about to take makes sense based on risk and reward ratios.

It comes with an incorporated strategy tester robot.
This is a crucial and unique element in this package. The ability to run the strategy in MT4�s own strategy tester using historical data for the trader to be able to familiarize himself with the strategy. It will allow the trader to do it so much faster than running it on a demo account in real time, and allow him to practice as long as needed. We all learn at different speeds. The Forex LST System caters to exactly that.

Forex LST System works on any currency pair, on any time frame.
So many robots out there say they work only on this or that pair, or only on one time frame. Why limit yourself? The Forex LST System is based on divergences, and divergences do not discriminate based on pairs or time frames. The only thing the trader will have to keep in mind is that the lower the time frame, the more often a signal will occur, but the tighter the price channel will be. By contrast, the higher the time frame, the price channel will expand to more pips, but you won�t get entry signals as often.

But Forex LST System is not for everyone. We will warn you right now: It does not succeed in all its trades, and we will not promise such thing. BUT, since it is a statistical-based system, even if you took more losing trades than winning ones, you will end up in profit. 

For those of you seeking for a system that only generates winning trades, please look elsewhere... and best of luck. Forex LST will protect your account by only recommending a 1:2 ratio (stop loss:profit target). In doing so, mathematically, you could lose 3 trades for every trade you win and still end up ahead.

If you stop and think about it, look beyond empty claims and promises made by other systems and compare, you will realize that Forex LST System is in a league of its own. This system will raise the bar of what other systems will have to offer to be competitive. This is a game changer. This is the Messi of forex. Click Here!

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