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Diabetes Escape Plan Review

Posted by The Best Product Review on Senin, 25 Juli 2016

Diabetes Escape Plan Review

Diabetes: An old disease yet the one of the modern times; a disease that only those who have, or indeed had it, know how truly tough it is to handle. Let?s just say that the endless insulin shots are the least of their concerns. Many have tried to cure it, many to mend it, but no one tried to reverse it. No one, until now.

There is a new product on the market that has picked up all the attention by claiming that, in just 19 days, it successfully reverses all the effects of the vicious disease. it?s named Diabetes Escape Plan and does the reversion by lowering the level of sugar in the blood of those plagued by the disease. Such a claim couldn?t pass unnoticed, couldn?t pass untested. So I?ve done a little research and, to help you decide on whether to try it out, am here to tell all I learned about the Diabetes Escape Plan.

What?s It All About?
Let?s start from the beginning, shall we?
In its essence, the Diabetes Escape Plan is a food program devised to, as noted above, lower the glucose production and thus deal with the effects of diabetes. But this isn?t your usual eat-this-don?t-eat-that type of routine. No; it rather seeks to, through careful balancing of food intake, naturally enable you to eat meals otherwise deemed forbidden. Yes, no more pizza restrictions for you!

The program?s creator is a health researcher Gary Martin, who successfully used this method to drastically lower his own sugar levels. Seeing how his program has, after much thinking and research put into it, predictably succeeded in less than three weeks, he decided to help his fellows troubled by the same disease he?s made through.

Digging Into It
If you asked any diabetic person what they most craved for, the likely answer you?d get is that they just wanted to live normally. By normal life, they meant the one without both the oral medications and shots of insulin, or indeed, without the various side effects, these may produce. Diabetes Escape Plan gives them just that. The plan starts off with a simple idea ? to prevent the excessive production of sugar by lungs and kidneys. 

But where the Diabetes Escape Plan goes from here is just as reasonable, and just as effective. The food program aimed at lowering your sugars is rather easy to stick to, which is such a rarity these days. That doesn?t mean that you may neglect the food schedule after a couple of days, but that the combination of meals can easily be prepared, and the eating schedule rather easily followed. 

Diabetes Escape Plan Free Bonuses

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The 10-Second Sugar Craving Cure

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How to Tell When Your Doctor is Lying to You

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The Delicious Diabetes Cookbook

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Pro & Cons
Let?s start with the pros first.
The first glance at the book that follows the Diabetes Escape Plan should tell you of its most potent strength: it is extremely knowledgeable. On top of that, it is also very user-friendly to both the newcomers and the more experienced readers. You?ll definitely learn a few fascinating facts there. 

As far as my knowledge of the subject stretches, everything mentioned in the program is true and up to the point. Granted, you may not agree with everything said there, but be assured that it?s said for a reason.

No perfect product exists (or I still haven?t heard of it), and therefore, I must highlight the few cons I noticed about this one. First of, you should prepare yourself for some grocery shopping. Lots of it! Also, you ought to make sure to stick to the plan, no exception! But if you?re a follow-the-schedule type of person, then I guess this one shouldn?t be a problem for you. 

Though the book that comes with the DEP is extremely knowledgeable, it is also, well, a bit too expensive for my taste. At about 140 pages, it contains all kinds of information about diabetes, the workings of your body, the ways to deal with the disease, and much much more. But this may ultimately turn out to be less of a con if you?re new to the whole diabetes thing or like to inform yourself more thoroughly about it. 

Some Final Words
There was much disbelief in me; if anyone told me that the 9 points per day glucose lowering is possible (total of about 170 during the 19 days of the plan) prior to learning about the Diabetes Escape Plan, I wouldn?t have believed it. This, of course, excludes my mild skepticism on the prospect of lowering that much glucose in so little time. But, whatever the thoughts, there?s no doubt that the plan delivers what it promises and is worthy of giving it a shot.

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