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Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Posted by The Best Product Review on Rabu, 27 Juli 2016

Fat Transfer to Buttocks

Buttock augmentation is a surgical process that may involve fat transfer through implants or fat grafting, and sometimes both for purposes of increasing the size of buttocks. The procedure is also known as Brazilian butt lift, and it is performed for the following enhancing mass buttock projection and fullness. Also, it improves individual figure balance, improve self-image. And boost self-confidence.

The Procedure of Fat Transfer to Buttocks
The proper buttock augmentation procedure will be determined by the surgeon based on these factors:
  1. Size and shape of the buttock.
  2. The amount of body fat in extractable regions.
  3. Individual goals.
  4. Skin elasticity and amount of loose skin.
For patient�s comfort during surgery, general anesthesia or intravenous sedation may be applied.

Fat Transfer to Buttocks Method

Step One � Liposuction 
Liposuction is done through almost invisible incisions made at distinct parts of the buttocks. A thin tube known as a cannula is inserted through these incisions to flex excess fat in a regulated inner motion. The fat that has been displaced is then sucked using a syringe or a surgical vacuum attached to the cannula.

Step Two � Fat Injection
The fat that was extracted through liposuction is processed and injected into the buttocks via small injections around the buttocks. This is done with a cannula that is attached to syringes.

Results after buttock augmentation
The results can be seen immediately after the procedure, but post-surgical swelling and incision lines will take a time to disappear. As you recover from surgery, you will slowly attain the real image you wanted, and in a few months, everything should be back to normal.

In procedures where the fat transfer was used, it takes longer for final results to be seen, sometimes a year. Some of the fat used during the process are usually reabsorbed into the body, meaning the initial shape taken after the procedure is compromised.

The results of fat transfer to buttocks last for a long time, even though the form and size of the buttock may be affected by age and weight disparities. Top ensure that the effects are felt for longer; patients are advised to maintain their weight while keeping a healthy lifestyle.

Recovery after Buttock Augmentation
After completion of surgery, patients are taken to a recovery bay where they are monitored carefully for a couple of hours being released. There is always a set of strict instructions that ought to be followed to ensure that the best possible results are attained. Instructions are mainly centered on how to care for your buttocks during the recovery process, and that includes what to wear round the clock for a specified period. You will also be given medication for applying on the liposuctioned areas and others for oral administration. Some physical procedures carry high risks of infection and; therefore, your surgeon must avail countermeasures through pre-emptive drugs.

Buttock Augmentation Advantages
There are several benefits of undergoing buttock augmentation, and that is what people, especially women think through before going under the knife. All these advantages narrow down to one which is the feel-good factor. There is power in a woman who appreciates her looks and knows deep down that she�s in her best of looks. If a qualified surgeon carries out the procedure, there is a guarantee of good results. They include:
  • Enhanced body shape.
  • Regular and proportional buttock size.
  • Desired body curve.
  • High levels of confidence.
  • A large variety of clothing.
  • General happiness and composure.
  • You get to choose the shape you desire.

Buttock Augmentation Disadvantages
The decision to have fat transferred to buttocks is personal. It is entirely up to an individual to weigh both the advantages and the shortcomings of surgery before making the final decision. The disadvantages associated with buttock augmentation include:
  • It requires high levels of caution to ensure that figure is maintained.
  • If not properly carried out it may cause ugly repercussions.
  • Size and shape easily affected by weight gain and loss.
  • Shape and size deteriorate with age.
  • There are limits to activities one can do in life.

Side effects of Buttock Augmentation
It is normal for any surgical procedure to tag along some side effects to a patient. The intensity of these side effects may vary depending on the surgeon performing the operation. Some of them may be mild while others may be extreme, but that is information your doctor should not withhold from you during operation preparation. That is why there is a form of consent that you are given before the surgery as proof that you fully understand the risks involved, and that you are ready to proceed.

The following are some of the side effects include:
  • Bruising
  • Swelling
  • Stretch marks
  • Scarring
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Seroma or fluid accumulation
  • Nerve damage
  • Implant migration
  • Firmness
  • Pressure on sciatic nerve
  • Asymmetry
  • Cellulite
  • Inflammation in Lungs due to fat injection into the blood stream
  • Numbness and pain
  • Deep vein thrombosis
  • Lidocaine toxicity
  • Complications of anesthesia
  • Oil cyst
  • Hematoma

Regardless of the surgical procedure you choose, it is paramount to seek information about the steps to take to facilitate a smooth recovery process. It is only sensible to have a detailed discussion with your doctor to gather more insight on what to and what not to expect during healing. For your sake, you can ask questions like:
  • Where you will be taken after surgery.
  • What type of medication will you be supposed to undertake throughout the recovery period?
  • How long you will be required to wear compression attire.
  • When the incision stitches will be removed.
  • When you can resume normal activities.
  • When is the date for your next appointment with the surgeon?
  • What is it that you cannot do during that period?

Fat Transfer to Buttocks Cost
According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, the cost of fat transfer to buttocks is between USD4, 000 and USD4, 600, with fat grafting being the cheapest and buttock implant the most expensive. The costs, however, are non-inclusive of anesthesia, operation room equipment, and other miscellaneous expenses.

The cost of operation may vary depending on some issues, for example, the experience of the surgeon, the type of procedure, and the location of the surgical office in relation to the lifestyle of the immediate environment.

Patients should be fully aware that cosmetic surgery is considered a luxury and is not covered by most insurance companies. Therefore, for the sake of their finances, they should seek clarification on the same beforehand.

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