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The 67 Ways To Make Her Come

Posted by The Best Product Review on Senin, 25 Juli 2016

The 67 Ways To Make Her Come
The 67 Ways To Make Her Come More ebook download in PDF (.pdf) format. Feel free to get access to this guide because it helps to give your girlfriend mind-blowing orgasm after orgasm. How to lead a girl to an orgasm? Many men are doing the very same mistakes, while trying to find the correct answer for this question. One of the most common mistakes is their haste. Women can?t get real satisfaction without the foreplay, that?s their nature. A really small amount of women can reach the peak without soft and caressing actions, while the majority of them are just simulating. Reasons for simulation can be different, but mainly such situations are caused with the lack of attention from men, because they are concentrated only on their male needs.

The second mistake is wrong priorities. Unfortunately, not all the men know that female erogenous zones are not located only in their sexual organs. You have to start the foreplay not from her sexual organs. You need to remember that girls need some time in order to avoid shame and shyness during lovemaking. The less a man and a woman are dating, the longer such term is.

The pose is also playing one of the most significant roles. Usually the lying pose provides the maximum level of relaxation, but only if a girl is totally ready. If you can feel some kind of resistance from the girl, try to postpone usage of this pose. By the way, the new book ?The 67 Ways To Make Her Come More? contains a unique bunch of methods, which will lead your girlfriend to an orgasm. Nick Hardwick wrote only correct and really working things. You have to download it if you want to become real Casanova.

Another important aspect is your clothing, or in fact the way how you remove it. You need to do that simultaneously and equally. You need to remember that the majority of women can?t hold men, who make sex in socks and with watches on their wrists. Such accessories are showing the haste, which is simply unacceptable during such moments between a man and a woman.

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If a man wants to lead his woman to an orgasm, he has to remember that women love with their ears. You need to tell nice words, choosing the right tone. Right words are better that any actions. Don?t forget about the lips contact, because passion kisses can bring you to the peak.

Female erogenous zones can be located virtually anywhere, that?s why it?s so difficult to find it for a man. Erogenous zones can be hidden in the most unexpected places. You can find it a little bit lower the back of the head, in the inner side of her elbow or in other surprising places. But each woman has her own erogenous zones system.

The main thing that a man needs to know in order to bring his woman to an orgasm is that preparation plays the key role. Excitement has to grow gradually, slowly getting closer to the peak. You can switch to sex itself only after proper preparation.

There?s a widespread opinion that any woman can get an orgasm only through stimulation and lovemaking with her erogenous zones. Can this idea be the only correct one? Of course, no! This can be confirmed with a majority of orgasms, which were received even without any direct contact. For example, a phone call between two people with a distance of 1100 km, lead to a raging and spontaneous orgasm which caused phone and frying pan dropping, even though the woman was holding the frying pan in her hands and the phone between her ear and her shoulder. Other cases were recorder when women were simply hearing a sound of receiving an SMS message. So, dear boys, girls are not as easy as it seems)) I wish you good luck!

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