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The Outsmart Insomnia Protocol Review

Posted by The Best Product Review on Senin, 25 Juli 2016

The Outsmart Insomnia Protocol Review

Are you finding it tough to get to sleep? Do you get up every day tired and feeling like you haven?t slept enough? If your answers to any of these questions are Yes, you could be suffering from insomnia. It is a condition where people find it difficult to fall asleep or get enough restful sleep. Insomnia is a troublesome problem, but there are ways to solve it without the help of drugs. Sam Oakes has developed a solution called ?Outsmart Insomnia Protocol? that addresses the root causes of insomnia and helps you get a good night?s sleep every night.

One of the chief reasons for insomnia is anxiety. Initially, you may be kept awake due to worries about your day to day life, which everyone has to some extent. Later, insomnia itself becomes a source of anxiety. You will keep worrying about getting to sleep and the worry keeps you awake. Outsmart Insomnia Protocol helps you overcome the anxiety and related behaviors that prevent you from relaxing and falling asleep. Instead of trying to sleep, you try to stay awake, which has exactly the opposite effect on you. It also prescribes some exercises that will help you relax your body and mind to help you fall into a deep sleep. 

If you stay awake for a long time after going to bed or have trouble getting enough sleep for days together, despite having the opportunity to do so, you are suffering from insomnia. Generally, people suffering from it will take more than 30 minutes to fall asleep and may not be able to sleep for even 6 hours a day. This happens on several days of a week and goes on for months. Insomnia is not a trivial problem. Seven to eight hours of sleep a day is essential for both body and mind. If you are sleep deprived, it has many serious implications for your health, mood, abilities, work performance and the quality of your life. You will feel chronically tired and sluggish. You will have trouble concentrating and staying focused on anything. 

Sam Oakes? Outsmart Insomnia Protocol recommends a number of methods to help you improve your sleeping environment, change your sleeping habits and address the root causes of insomnia. They help you get over insomnia and rediscover sound sleep. These techniques are the best treatments and should always be tried first before you try any other options like drugs. In fact, for many people, they are more effective than sedatives. Besides curing insomnia, these methods also help you discard the troublesome negative thoughts associated with anxiety that prevent you from falling asleep. People with insomnia can also develop wrong beliefs regarding their problem. Some people wrongly believe that even one night without proper sleep can be dangerous for their health. The techniques help remove such baseless worries and beliefs.

According to the author, the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol is effective for people of all ages. The techniques basically address and gradually remove the anxiety at bedtime, which is associated with learned insomnia. They help you control your mood, breathing rate and muscle tension.

The solution is divided into four modules. Each of these modules aims to make the insomnia sufferer do the opposite of what they normally do when they get into bed. Normally, you will struggle against insomnia and try your best to fall asleep. With this method, you do the opposite, that is, you give up the struggle and just try to keep awake. Surprisingly, the method breaks the thought patterns that sustain your anxiety and when that happens, you automatically fall asleep.

The first module called the ?The Truth about Insomnia? educates you about sleep, its importance, the health problems that can arise as a result of insomnia and their consequences on your physical, mental and emotional health.

The second module called ?The Quick and Dirty Guide to Fall Asleep in Fifteen Minutes or Less? shows you how to get to sleep quickly and stay asleep longer. On an average, you can expect seven to eight hours of sound sleep a day.

The third module is called ?Three Steps to Balance Your Brain Chemistry, Fix Your Sleep Schedule and Cure Insomnia Forever?. Sam says that this module works very differently from the others. While the earlier modules were aimed at relaxing the central nervous system, this one targets your sleep-wake cycle. This promises to be a real long-term cure for insomnia that is safe and free from any risk of abuse or dependence.

The last module called ?The Neuroscientist?s Secrets to Deep, Satisfying Sleep and Waking up Refreshed? gives you proven techniques to improve the quality of your sleep. It gives you methods to reduce the activity of the wake center of your brain, which helps you fall asleep quickly and get the maximum benefit from sleep. It maximizes the third stage of sleep called NREM deep sleep, which is actually responsible for all the good effects of sleep such as healing and waking up refreshed and recharged. Sam claims that this module has a great impact on those suffering from anxiety and sleeplessness.

Besides techniques to help you sleep, the Outsmart Insomnia Protocol also recommends a set of foods that help you sleep better and stay alert, vigilant and attentive. These foods improve the concentration of amino acids called tryptophans in the blood and make more of it available to your brain. Tryptophans are chemicals which induce sleep. You also get a five-minute workout called ?Ready, Set, Snooze?, which helps you relax both your body and mind and makes you fall asleep easily.

The Outsmart Insomnia Protocol has all the ingredients to help you overcome insomnia without drugs and the results are permanent.

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