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Easy WP Localhost Review - Does It Really Work?

Posted by The Best Product Review on Rabu, 01 November 2017

Easy WP Localhost Review - Does It Really Work?
Easy WP Localhost is software that installs on a PC or MAC that allows users to run WordPress exam sites locally without whatsoever technical skills.

This PC as well as MAC software Installs a perfectly configured localhost server & a bespoke intranet which allows y'all to access the production via whatsoever browser , create (UNLIMITED) WordPress Sites inwards 1 Click (PC/MAC) , Backup & Restore Sites inwards 1 Click (takes seconds).

The upgrade version offered to customers later buy is an amazing backup/cloning plugin that allows y'all to deploy your WordPress projects to alive servers & clone downwards alive sites inwards 1 click. This allows y'all to edit sites off occupation without losing a cent , y'all tin also exam whatsoever novel plugins/themes/updates y'all may desire to install without breaking your alive site.

Building WordPress sites on alive servers is dead wearisome + all it takes is 1 mistake‌ only 1 incorrect plugin as well as your site is broken. Of course of report y'all tin backup equally y'all teach , but , total site backups on alive sites accept ages as well as that slows y'all downwards fifty-fifty more.

Worse nonetheless when edifice pages y'all stimulate got to human face for each update to charge hence y'all goal upwards waiting a lot during busy meshwork times that agency less profit. With Easy WP Localhost y'all tin solve this instantly. Now y'all tin create , backup , as well as restore WordPress sites inwards seconds.

If you’re serious close edifice WordPress sites , this volition hold upwards the most valuable tool inwards your site edifice toolbox as well as the easiest 1 too. It’s the publish 1 tool that every WordPress developer uses daily as well as without a inquiry the most useful tool for site evolution as well as testing.

Easy WP Localhost Features:
  • You tin exam themes as well as plugins offline
  • You tin create sites offline
  • It’s faster – there’s no meshwork lag
  • If y'all brand a fault – only reset
  • You tin fix/prevent problems on alive sites
  • Zero running costs – no hosting/server fees
  • Very piece of cake install on both PC & MAC
  • Install whatsoever electrical flow or previous WP version
  • Install unlimited WP exam sites (top version)
  • Delete , backup a restore sites
  • Futureproof – install whatsoever hereafter WP releases
  • New SAAS similar super piece of cake user interface

Traditionally installation of localhost software is complex as well as requires many steps. With Easy WP Localhost only double click the installer EXE(PC) or drag over the DMG file (MAC) as well as follow the on concealment instructions. Once the procedure is consummate the localhost is fully configured for speed & ready to use. They stimulate got fifty-fifty loaded Ioncube loaders which allow y'all to role encrypted themes as well as plugins.

Setting upwards WP sites takes only 1 click using the built inwards WP installer.
Select whatsoever version of WP , come inwards a cite as well as your done.
Works Just Like a Real Host. Just Much Faster

Sites Work Exactly Like on a Real Server
Easy WP Localhost has been configured to run at maximum speed for whatsoever hardware configuration.
They stimulate got done all the necessary speed tweaks inwards PHP as well as Apache to brand WordPress run fast.
Installing themes as well as plugins is just the same. Editing your contents is just the same.
Updating themes , plugins as well as WP is just the same.
The solely departure is… it’s faster , as well as you’re non broadcasting your site to the world.
Works With Current / Future / Past WP Versions

Futureproof as well as Retro Compatible
We all know WordPress changes versions every infinitesimal hence it was of import to us to allow users to add together their ain WordPress versions to the site installer.
This is equally piece of cake equally downloading the version your demand from WordPress & pasting it into the specified folder.
This allows users of Easy WP Localhost to easily update their ain software & install whatsoever version electrical flow of future.
The installed WP Test Sites volition of course of report motorcar update only similar on a existent server.

Exclusive: Rapid 1 Click Site Backup as well as Restore
1000% Faster Than Any Host. Never Lose or Break a Project Again
One characteristic that was missing from all localhost solutions was an piece of cake way to backup & restore sites – hence we’ve built it!
Now if y'all interruption a projection y'all tin restore it inwards only 1 click .
So no to a greater extent than broken sites , no to a greater extent than wasting fourth dimension time fixing stuff.
Best of all our site backups literally accept seconds – dissimilar a alive server where each backup tin accept hours , as well as restores tin accept days.

Test All Your Plugins as well as  Themes At Your Leisure.
Avoid Site Outages Caused By Faulty Themes , Plugins as well as Updates
With a good configured localhost y'all tin exam themes , plugins as well as updates earlier y'all apply these to a alive site.
Let’s human face upwards it , the most risky affair y'all tin produce to a working website is to alter something…
With a localhost y'all tin replicate your site configuration or fifty-fifty clone a alive site to the localhost & exam whatsoever changes earlier y'all apply them live…
No adventure , No downtime , No worries.
No Internet Connection? – No Problem.

Works With or Without an Internet Connection. You Can Work Anywhere!
Localhost software volition happily operate alongside an meshwork connexion acquaint but doesn’t demand it.
This allows y'all to prepare projects where at that topographic point is non meshwork access.
So localhost are a perfect for developing projects on the move.
This is ideal for users alongside wearisome or pitiable meshwork connections – users tin create their sites off occupation as well as then upload their sites when they stimulate got proficient meshwork access

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